Research Initiatives

BUREAU: Institutional and locational analysis of bureaucracy.

GOVERN: Stability and span of management analysis governance at the state-level.

OVERREG: Over-Regulation metrics and analytics.

POLISS: A taxonomy and methodological approach for identifying and describing Policy Issues.

POLDEV: Identification and collection of Political Development indicators.

POLRISK: Identification and collection of Political Risk factors and data sets.

REPORT: A taxonomy and methodological approach for eliciting policy information from national and international organization reports.

Participation in funded activities

Political Technology participates or has participated in a number of research projects. These are ad hoc activities and collaborations and do not constitute a permament research theme of Political Technology.

  1. Policy Workshop [2011]. Α project about youth participation in local government, and particularly young people participating in local government institutions in Greece, following the “Kallikratis” reform of local government.
  2. Consultation and promotion of youth entrepreneurship [2011].  The project is about developing young entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship skills. In collaboration with the university of Piraeus.
  3. Policy Workshop – Phase ΙΙ [2012]. A follow-up to the first Policy Workshop project utilizing the experience gained and tools created and applying them to new municipalities.
  4. Youth participation and measures against social exclusion [2012].
    This project aims at reinforcing youth participation in dealing with social exclusion phenomena, especially school leavers.
  5. Policy Workshop – III [2014]. A continuation of Policy Workshop I and Policy Workshop II, the third installment focuses on developing further the conditions to allow for youth participation to play a significant role in local government.

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