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Current members.

(Alphabetically by Greek surname)

chroniskPolychronis Karampelas. He comes from Thessaloniki and is a Political Technology Research Group member since 2013, participating in the GOVERN initiative. He is actively engaged in communal activities in the department since he was a freshman, mostly related to the departmental computing service. He has participated in the Policy Workshops where Political  Technology was also a participant. He speaks English and is learning French and Italian.

Loulousi_C_150x150Christina Loulousi. She comes from Argos, Argolida, and she is a member of the Political Technology Research Group since 2014, participating in the BUREAU initiative. She is interested in psychology and behaviorism  and aspires to pursue a career in the field.  She speaks English and has experience in small scale events management.

Bisbiroula_150x150Chrysa Bisbiroula. She lives in Athens and is a Political Technology Research Group member since 2014, participating in the POLDEV initiative.  She lives in Athens and enjoys writing as well reading anything that captures her interest. She speaks English and French fluently and looks forward to another language as she believes that through languages and the field of International Relations one gets to know themselves and the world.

antoniaeAntonia Economou. She comes from Athens  and is a Political Technology Research Group member since 2013, participating in the BUREAU initiative. She participates regularly in simulations  of International Organizations and systematically attends conferences and seminars related to Law, Political Science and International Relations. She aspires to be actively involved in communal activities through volunteering, politics and journalism. She speaks English, German and is a competent technology user.

pissasPetros Pissas. He comes from Athens and is a Political Technology Research Group member since 2014, where he participates in the GOVERN initiative. He volunteers regularly, participates in simulations of international organizations and attends seminars and conferences related to Political Science and International Relations. His ambition is to continue his studies in applied subjects that will allow him to delve into efficient policy making and implementation for the benefit of the public interest. He speaks English and French.

Past members.

(Sorted alphabetically based on the Greek spelling of their Surname).

Miranda VARDAKI, Aggelina VELIA, Konstantina GIANNOPOULOU, Elena GEORGIADI, Constantine GRAMMENOS, Eleni ZOGRAFOU, Aliona KAZIU, Dimitris KASVIKIS, Eleni KORONAIOU, Christos KYRIAKIDIS, Kyriaki-Georgia MANTZIORI-BOURNAZOU, Alina BORAN, Theodora PASSIDOU, Vasiliki PITSOULI, Anastasia SIATOU, Areti STAMPELOU, Helena TSIAPA, Anastasis FILDISIS, Aris FRAGKIADAKIS, Georgios CHILAL.